How I Demonstrate My Values

      Proverbs 31:25    She is clothed in Strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. 

The purpose of creating beautiful and unconventional silk designs is to empower women to feel special and fabulous wearing silk art......and to wear it with attitude! 

The silk designs of the Regal Fashion Collection (no crosses are included in this collection) exists as a vehicle to transform a woman, to allow her to make a statement without saying a word, and to create connections with others as it creates a conversation starter. And never forget….it’s a wonderful opportunity for any woman to show her world some attitude.

The complete “I AM” Faith Collection is designed for women of faith with prayer  infused in all of the art. This complete collection includes scarves, jewelry, and home décor. It creates an opportunity for women to embrace their faith, share their faith through conversation with others, and to know they are wrapped in His love.  

Giving thanks with a joyful heart – Many of us know women who emulate their faith. The Women of His Light Program is designed for people to nominate women of faith for what they do / how they live out the Christian life. Each month 3 women will be randomly chosen and receive a gift in appreciation for sharing their faith to others by the way they life their life.

Taking care of my sister – Through my Sisters in Christ Program, I will be providing small fundraising opportunities to Women’s Ministry Programs. Its purpose is to help create scholarship funds so that financial need doesn’t stop women from learning about Christ, growing in their Christian faith, and bonding with other Sisters in Christ.

Always Serving – Some Women’s Ministry Program may not want to be involved in a fundraising opportunity. The Women of Faith Program exists so that if they do want to have the opportunity for the women in their programs or in the church life groups to have an item that allows them to bond as women of faith, special pricing is presented for them.