My Guiding Values

It's my privilege to share the Christian faith, my responsibility to inspire women, and my honor to accomplish this through art. 

I’m passionate about prayerfully supporting women and empowering women by giving them the opportunity to not only embrace the power of wearing artisan silk but also to feel embraced by their Christian faith.

The values that guide my life and company

  1. Sharing Christ – I share my Christian faith through art. As a Christian artist, I want to give reverence to the cross through artistic design.
  2. Empowerment of women – I empower women to embrace how special they truly are and to show a little attitude with every step they take in wearable art. And that Christian women can embrace both fashion and faith beautifully!
  3. Dedication to skills that produce quality – The creation of quality wearable art is a never-ending challenge reflected in my dedication and commitment to the skills, continuous learning, and use of quality materials required of an artist.
  4. Service to others – Each of us have Spiritual gifts that we can share with each other. One of mine happens to be prayer. I’m honored to share this gift through my art. There are 3 crosses in the “IAM” Faith scarves representing the Trinity. A ritual of specific prayers is made when each cross is created.