Sisters In Christ


Sisters In Christ - (Small Fundraising Program)

Through my Sisters In Christ Program, I provide small fundraising opportunities to Christian based programs and Women’s Ministry Programs. These funds can be used by these programs for a variety of wonderful things, such as free books in Bible Study classes, Women’s Ministry Program events. These ministry programs make a difference in the lives of women; I know this because I’m one of those women grateful to receive help from her church.

  • Many years ago I was an unemployed single parent struggling to make ends meet and desperately wanting to learn more about God. I considered myself a baby Christian…I knew a few things about God and had always prayed, but I didn’t actually own a Bible at that time and I didn’t feel I understood how to study it even if I did have a Bible.
  • It took a year of searching to find a church that I felt welcome as a single parent. I finally found a church and it had several bible studies, several life groups, and even a women’s retreat twice a year. I desperately wanted to go to a bible study class and the upcoming retreat, but I couldn’t afford the $250 retreat or even the $15 for a book.
  • I signed up for their scholarship program for 1 Bible study and the upcoming retreat. They awarded me 3 Bible studies and the retreat. I still remember bursting into tears when I read the letter. It changed my life. (And I still have the retreat gift in my office on my wall.)

I was grateful then, and I’m grateful now. To be able to give back to Christian Woman’s Ministry programs…..priceless.

Contact me so we can chat about the different opportunities.