Women of Faith

Women of Faith - (sisters bonding together through our faith)

Women "bond" to each other for different reasons...and those reasons are important to us. Some of these bonds are with actual sisters and others are with sisters in Christ, but regardless....we are bonded to each other through love.  

The bonds I have with my sisters in Christ through my Bible study group is very important to me. Being able to give them a cross necklace is telling each woman that I love her and we are bonded as sisters through the love of Jesus Christ.

The Women of Faith Program exists to provide a special opportunity for Women’s Program and organizations (bible study groups, life groups, church retreat, etc) that want to provide a faith necklace to their women demonstrating that they are bonded as women of faith. Special pricing is provided for this important experience. Contact me so we can talk about how I can be a part of this wonderful experience!