Women of His Light

Women of His Light - (Appreciation Program)

I believe it’s my privilege to share the Christian faith revealing His love, my responsibility to encourage women, and my honor to accomplish this through my art. My collections are created to help people experience and share the joy of the Christian faith in an artistic way.

I created the Women of His Light Appreciation Program because I was impacted by women embodying the Christian faith. I was and still am incredibly grateful for their impact on my life. One woman is still in my life and I’m blessed to call her friend. Another, I was fortunate to watch her from afar caring and helping others through the church, and while she is in Heaven now, her impact on my Christian life was huge….and she never knew it because I didn’t know how to approach her. 

I want this program to be a way for others to show appreciation for women who make an impact in their life by demonstrating Christian faith and values. This program is designed to say, “thank you” and to connect these two people together to spark a deeper conversation between them.

These women can come into our lives for a short season, a long season, they’re women involved in our lives, and even women we’ve watched from a far and don’t even know our name. And we are grateful for their impact on our lives. 

Every month 3 women are randomly selected from the list of nominated women. You do NOT need to submit a form each month since they do not expire. 

How do I nominate a woman?

  • Complete the fillable nomination form. Only forms with all fields completed will be accepted. (Please review to avoid typo’s.)
  • E-mail the completed form to Candace@MyBasketOfFaith.com Place in the subject line “Women of His Light Nomination”.

What will she receive?

  • An “I AM” Faith cross necklace will be included in the card as a thank you gift from you to her. There’s no marketing material, discount codes or anything like that included in the card – just the card and your gift to her.

How will I know if she’s selected?

  • You will receive an e-mail with a picture of the necklace included in the card when it is sent.

Is there a charge for nominating a woman?

  • There is no charge to participate in this program.  I believe this is a ministry of mine to honor the women who have impacted my life and shown me how to love and live as a Christian woman. I’m thankful for them.

 Eligibility Criteria

  1. This is a Christian appreciation program, so they must be a Christian in her basic beliefs: Belief in the Trinity - God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit. 
  2. My business only functions within the Unites States at this time. Therefore, they must live within the United States.
  3. Since the purpose is to show appreciation for women, the nominee must be age 18 or older and a female.
  4. You may not nominate yourself for this appreciation recognition.