Working with Other Christian Churches & Organizations

As a Christian Artist, part of my personal and business purpose is to work with churches, speakers, Christian-based stores as well as other Christian organizations in an effort to help them move their ministry forward sharing God's love.

  • Gifts for Donors (several different items available) 
  • Retreat & Conference Gifts for Participants (this includes a special note from the organization) 
  • Special Gift Sets 
  • Special Product Pricing

 Example Retreat/Conference Participant Gift

Prepare them for the event: Presenting this memorable cross necklace in a greeting card as your event gift creates the opportunity to say something special to each participant.

Powerful Marketing Even YEARS after the event:  When she wears this necklace in public, other women will compliment her on it and ask where she got it.  Without realizing it.... she'll tell them how special she felt to get such a gift....about the event.... the speakers... what she learned...