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My Basket of Faith

Cross Scarf (223)

Cross Scarf (223)

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The creation of these scarves is actually what started my journey not only into working with silk, but being an artist focused on passionately creating Christian art.  These scarves in particular are a ministry of love for me.  

Enjoy this beautiful, luxurious silk scarf with 3 crosses infused with prayer. With each scarf, a seperate card (with care instructions) is provided so that if this is a gift, the person will know there are prayers infused into the scarf.  

In addition, please know that if you (or your friend) has a situation where they're not able to wear their metal cross or crusifix (medical testing, surgieries, etc.) with this cross scarf, they ARE able to still wear their cross. And even take it into surgery; my medical staff were very excited to allow it with me...just make sure you have a zip lock bag!

It's my hope you will feel God's love every time you see, hold, or wear this scarf.

Size: 8X54"

Care:  Hand wash in cold water, towel dry removing excess water, iron DAMP on medium heat or silk setting. Never iron silk dry. Can be dry cleaned. 

Material: 100% Habotai Silk

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