"I AM" Faith - Cross Prayer Scarf

The "I AM" Faith Collection of Cross Prayer Scarves include 3 crosses representing the Trinity. A specific prayer ritual is used when creating each scarf. 

And please know that when you are not able to wear your metal cross or crucifix, (medical testing, procedures, surgeries) you can still have your silk cross with you.

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"I AM" Faith Cross Necklaces & Magnetic Cross Brooches

Be excited to wear a beautiful artistic cross designed to inspire.

My cross pendant necklaces and magnetic brooches begin with my hand painted silk (the color you see) and are infused with gold metallic for an ever changing design giving elegance to His cross. 

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"I AM" Faith Home Décor

Bringing Christian silk art into your home helps you merge the love for your faith and your enjoyment of handmade art. Sometimes seeing His Word before you throughout the day is a perfect statement of love and encouragement.

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Touched by the "I AM" Faith Collection

My mother-in-law needed more scans done and was scared. I gave her your beautiful scarf that reminds me of a stained glass window. We found the crosses and read the prayer card. Then we both prayed. For the first time she completed the scan! It calmed her. It made the difference. And it will go into surgery with her. Thank you. I really didn't think it would matter, but for her...it was everything. She loves it. Thank you and please keep making them.

Sarah A.

My cross necklace is just gorgeous. The gold looks like the breathe of God coming off the cross. It's just stunning. I love wearing it.

Cindy R.

I bought a scripture frame from you last week for my dad who's going through a hard time, but he's so closed off he never lets anyone in. Anyway, the scripture is Philippians 4:6 [Be anxious for nothing...] and when I gave it to him I got the shock of my life. He read it, looked me in the eyes, which he hates looking people in the eyes if it's even close to being an emotional thing, and said thank you, which he NEVER says to anyone. I still don't know what he's going through, but I'm glad I gave him something that helps him. Thank you from both of us.

Lea C.