His Plan for My Life

The accidental creation of my Cross Scarf was the beginning of an entire shift in my art from fiber to silk, a fabric I NEVER wanted to work with…and it took 3 years to create!

Let me explain.

For several years I asked the Lord to give me something that I could create to glorify Him. As a fiber artist (weaver and knitwear designer), I tried desperately to create things with crosses or His Word, but with little success. I would spend time in prayer asking for His blessing of this and my heart kept hearing, “I AM”… “I AM”…

While visiting family in North Carolina, I attended the local Weaver's Guild event with an international silk dyer. Now at that time, I absolutely did not want anything to do with silk, but I fell in love with the instructor and her unique dyes. The color tones were wonderfully earthy and I knew strips of the silk would look incredible in my weaving projects. So after purchasing a kit I was ready to go home and make more silk to incorporate into my weavings. Or so I thought.... 

I unexpectedly lost the kit..........for 3 years! 

During those 3 years we moved twice before finally getting our new home. I would look for the silk dye kit every time I moved the studio, but never found it.  I also kept praying for the Lord to bless me with creating something for Him. And all I heard from the Lord was, “I AM”… “I AM”…

We finally moved into our new house, and you guessed it, I found the kit while setting up my studio. I decided to make a few scarves to rip them for my weavings. When I began to create designs, I couldn't remember how she made her neat designs - it had been 3 years since the class afterall. So I decided I was on my own. I would just play and create my own designs for my silk weaving strips. 

After I made a few scarves, I showed my husband, Dave, and our conversation went something like this…...

"Babe, I finished a couple scarves to rip, what do you think of the colors?"..."The colors are nice, but I love the cross."...." What?"...."The cross, I really like it, how are you going to use it?"...." What are you talking about? There's no cross." ....."The one you put right there".... "Babe, I didn't design a cross"..."Yes you did"...." No I didn't."  He got off the couch and pointed the cross out to me. The second I saw the cross I felt this wave come over me … “I AM.”  

From that moment I knew the Lord had just shown me what He created His plan for me. He began creating this plan more than 3 years, even prior to the class!  It started with the creation of the class… then getting me to the class all the way in North Carolina, then to getting me into a larger house to handle the silk needs... then to losing the kit for 3 years so that I forgot someone else’s designs and was able to create His cross. That's A LOT of work He had to put into creating My Plan. How incredible is that!

I felt humbled that He gave me such a gift and everything He had to do in the creation of getting the gift to me. And at the same time so frustrated with myself that I had been praying incorrectly to Him for 3 years. I realized I was that nagging child in the back seat constantly asking the same question…..”are we there yet?” The Lord has a pretty darn good memory…..I asked for a blessing……there’s no need to ask again. I should have immediately changed my prayers to giving thanks for Him working on it and asking for my patience in waiting to see what His plan for me would bring. Reflecting back on all the annoying prayers I sent the Lord’s way asking…”are we there yet?” …..yeppers, pretty embarrassing. But thankful I was able to see His actual making of His Plan for my life and my art.

So, my first silk product became My Cross Scarf incorporating 3 crosses for the Trinity. And here’s the prayer ritual I follow when I create them.

My Cross Scarf Prayer Ritual My "I AM" Faith Cross Scarves include 3 crosses in the design representing the Trinity.  

  • As I make the 1st cross, representing the Father, I pray giving thanks and praise to the Lord.
  • As I create the 2nd cross, representing His Son, I ask for the person receiving the scarf to be blessed in their needs according to His will. 
  • When I create the 3rd cross, representing the Holy Spirit, I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my prayer; at times it's extremely specific and other times it seems almost playful.
Women of faith enjoy these scarves because it allows them to blend faith and fashion in a beautiful and personal way. Some crosses are very visible, and others are created into the design. 
Women with medical needs have a special connection with these scarves, as I found out myself. When you're going through testing, procedures, and even surgeries where you can't wear your metal cross or crucifix....you CAN wear your silk cross.  
Special Prayer Requests: When you purchase one through my website or in person, you can request a specific prayer request for someone and I will have a special intention prayer for that very special scarf. 
Prayer Ritual While Creating My Other Art
My product prayer ritual was so important to me that I do a similar prayer ritual for all of my other products too.
  • As I begin the creation process, I pray to our Father, giving thanks and praise to the Lord as He is the beginning of all creation.
  • I then focus on His Son, and humbly ask that the person receiving the art be blessed in their needs according to His will.
  • Finally, I ask the Holy Spirit to take over my prayer focusing on the recipient. At times the prayer seems inspirational and other times they're extremely specific about a life situation. 

I hope that you'll feel and embrace His love every time you touch, hold or wear your scarf. But please don't let that stop you from taking this scarf and adding your own additional prayers.