Prayer Ritual - "I AM" Faith Cross Scarf


My "I AM" Faith Cross Scarf is extremely important to me because working with silk actually began with my cross scarves and a simple prayer ritual. I prayed for the Lord to give me something that would honor Him and serve His children. And He did....of course this was 3 years in the making....and definitely according to His plan! 

Women of faith enjoy these scarves because it allows them to blend faith and fashion in a beautiful and personal way. Some crosses are very visible, and others are created into the design. 

Women with medical needs have a special connection with these scarves, as I found out myself. When you're going through testing, procedures, and even surgeries where you can't wear your metal cross or CAN wear your silk cross.  

It's my hope that you'll feel and embrace His love every time you touch, hold or wear your scarf. But please don't let that stop you from taking this scarf and adding your own additional prayers.

My Cross Scarf Prayer Ritual

As I make the 1st cross is created, representing the Father, I pray giving thanks and praise to the Lord.
As I create the 2nd cross, representing His Son, I ask for the person receiving the scarf to be blessed in their needs according to His will. 
When I create the 3rd cross, representing the Holy Spirit, I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my prayer; at times it's extremely specific and other times it seems almost playful.


Special Prayer Requests: When you purchase one through my website or in person, you can request a specific prayer request for someone and I will have a special intention prayer for that very special scarf.