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My Basket of Faith

Handmade Christian Cross Bookmark - 6

Handmade Christian Cross Bookmark - 6

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Step into a world where faith meets art with our Handmade Christian Cross Bookmark. Designed for the woman who finds solace in the pages of her favorite books and strength in her Christian faith, this bookmark is a testament to spiritual beauty and practical elegance.


  • Cross Design: The 100% silk fabric is individually hand-dyed using several techniques to create a unique design to capture each cross designed into the fabric.
  • Cohesive Aesthetic: The design flows seamlessly from front to back, ensuring that every aspect of the bookmark tells a story of devotion.
  • Measurement: 2” x 6.5”

Ideal Gift: Whether for family, friends, or Bible study companions, this bookmark is a meaningful gift that carries the message of love and faith.

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