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Silk Glass Magnet - 1

Silk Glass Magnet - 1

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Elevate your home decor with this exquisite Handmade Glass Refrigerator Magnet, a perfect blend of artistry and functionality. Each magnet is a unique piece of art, featuring hand-dyed silk that provides a vibrant, colorful base beneath a smooth glass overlay. The luxurious touch of gold is infused within the glass, creating an ethereal effect reminiscent of floating clouds that catch and reflect light with every movement. This creates an ever-changing display that is both captivating and elegant.


·       Hand-dyed Silk Design: Each magnet features a base of individually hand-dyed silk, resulting in rich, unexpected color patterns.

·       Floating Gold: Infused gold details add a touch of luxury and dynamic visual interest. Light dances across the surface and golden hues come alive, enchanting your space.

·       Measurement: 1” x 2”,

·       Versatility: This compact magnet is perfect for refrigerators, office boards, or any magnetic surface. Let it inspire you daily.

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